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Basic Crocheting Techniques

Correct crocheting techniques start with how to hold hook and yarn correctly so that you're comfortable with them while working on a project.  Let's start with holding the hook.  There are 2 ways to hold your hook:English: crochet hook & green acrylic yarn
-  Hold it as though you were holding a pencil - position and apply a light grip on the hook
-  Hold it the same way as you would hold a spoon when mixing something dense.
As for the yarn, a basic technique is to make a slip knot, attaching the yarn to your hook.  Three simple steps to tie the slip knot:
-  Loop the yarn around your left index finger
-  Let the yarn slip from your finger, holding the loop between your thumb and index finger,
-  With the hook held by your right hand, draw the loop up and around the hook.
-  Then pull each of the ends gently in opposite directions.  This will tighten the knot and make it smaller.
And, more important of all, keep on Practice!
The technique of feeding yarn into your work require a certain amount of practice.  With your left hand, pick up the yarn, and with the palm of your left hand facing up, thread the yarn through the fingers.  Practice holding the yarn so that it "flows" naturally through your fingers.  Move your index finger up and down to increase or decrease the tightness of the yarn.  As you progress, you will feel a rhythm that works best for you, making the movement more and more natural and effortless.
Catching the Yarn Technique
This technique is known as a yarn over (abbreviation:  yo).  Your index finger plays a crucial role in yarn over movements.  Each time you catch the hook, you guide the yarn by moving your index finger up and down.  To do a yarn over:
-  Pass the hook under and over the yarn from back to front,
-  If you're having problems wrapping the yarn around all your fingers:  instead of wrapping the yarn, just let it flow behind your index finger, in front of your middle and ring fingers and back behind your little finger.


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